RagnoTech™ Software Solutions  Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at RagnoTech™ Software Solutions is simple. You understand that through your use of Free Services, RagnoTech™ Software Solutions does not collect any user data from your system and/or visits to any of the RagnoTech™ Software Solutions owned websites. All the info that RagnoTech™ Software Solutions own is the data you provide via the customer support and/or feedback sections – which include the details available on your email profile. RagnoTech™ Software Solutions should ask for additional information about the issues and/or problems should you consider contacting the RagnoTech™ Support.

You (as the end user) understand that RagnoTech™ Software Solutions may only collect your full name and email address available on your PayPal profile should you choose to purchase the RagnoTech™ Premium Membership package. No data RagnoTech™ Software Solutions collects from your PayPal account will ever be publicly shared with 3rd parties, and is strictly protected from usages outside RagnoTech™ Software Solutions staff members. Data collected from your PayPal account will only be accessed via the RagnoTech™ Software Solutions staff should you ask for retrieval of your lost and/or forgotten RagnoTech™ Premium Membership details.

Please note that some third party services such as ad partners that are showing the advertisements on the website may or may not collect the information about your behavior on the website via cookies. You are fully aware that the cookies are being used solely to provide you with the best possible experience on the website.